Wuhan vibrant with life again after two months’ shutdown

24 March 2020
2020-03-24 11:58

China's Wuhan City, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, is vibrant with life again this Monday after two months' shutdown. All 107 COVID-19 checkpoints in the city were closed the previous day. Buses start to run on early Monday morning, carrying workers back to work. The Wuhan Public Transportation Group has made 912 bus trips, transporting more than 10,000 passengers by Monday.

110 more routes are on test run on Monday to meet the needs of enterprises. As the city reboots its functions, many supermarkets have opened for nearby residents in these days. Apart from the already operating express delivery companies in Wuhan, nine more resumed. The ZTO Express allocation center in Wuhan now can assort 1.1 million parcels a day, getting back to half of the normal level.

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