Wrestling Competition: 2-Day Event Kicked Off In Yangon

27 April 2019
2019-04-27 15:34

Myanmar Wrestling Federation organized MWF Chairmanship Cup and Selection for 30th SEA Games in Yangon on Saturday.

MWF has been organized a lot of competitions to develop the Wrestling Game, and also to turn out the talented Wrestlers.

About 40 wrestlers from Regions and States are competing in 2-day event.

Vice President, Myanmar Wrestling Federation, Dr. Aung Kyaw San said “Today we are organizing MWF Chairman Cup Competition for all Wrestlers across the country and selection for 30th SEA Games. There are 7 Clubs in this competition. We will give first, second and third prices as well as the best player award. But for the 30th SEA Game, we will select individuals by weight classes.”

Through this competition, the outstanding Wrestlers will be selected for 30th SEA Games which will be hosted by the Philippines from 30 November to 10 December.

There will be “not only International Wrestling but also Traditional Wrestling included in this year SEA Games Competition. The selected wrestlers will be provided the best training with two Wrestling Coaches from the abroad” Vice President of MWF said.

At present, MWF is conducting training to the wrestlers with 18 Level-1 Grade Coaches. They have already invited a Wrestling Coach from Russia as well.

Wrestling Coach, Myanmar Wrestling Federation, Zaw Moe Aung said “For this competition, we gave training to players since 1st of March 2019. Among them, we will tentatively select 12 girls and 20 boys for the SEA Games. I hope to get 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze at least in this year.

The selected Wrestlers will have to go to Kazakhstan for Joint Training in September for about one month, before 30th SEA Game Competition.

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