Urban Development: Good Practices For Better Administration

23 January 2019

The improvement of governance practices is crucial in cities administration system, the Country Representative of the Asia Foundation said at a Workshop on Sharing Good Practices in Yangon on Wednesday. The 3-day workshop is attended by the Ministers and high level officials from States and Regions including Nay Pyi Taw Council Area.

This is the 4th edition of the Workshop on Sharing Good Practices and it has been organized since 2016, aiming for the municipal modifying in Myanmar.

Asia Foundation and Renaissance Institute jointly organized the workshop focusing on revenue reform, social services and public communication.

Program coordinator, Renaissance institute, Arkar Hein said “Our institute is conducting the research for policy making of municipal modifying. This workshop support sharing knowledge and experiences of difficulties and challenges of the workplace. We support a lot of cities in States and Regions both in technically and policy making.”

The purpose of the workshop is to allow the municipal representatives to compare with good ideas like how to manage garbage collection, how to communicate with the public, how to work on revenue reform, how to raise more income and how do improve the other social services. 

Country Representative, The Asia Foundation, Matthew Arnold said “..The cities are very important in part of decentralization in the country and that there are very important work and play interim of improving social services and an improving accountability. So, the goal of this workshop is to very much allow the cities government officials to indirect each other.”   

YCDC is currently working for development undertakings of Yangon City in cooperation with the international organizations.

Secretary, Yangon City Development Committee, Haling Maw Oo said “Yangon Mayor will explain the implementation tasks of YCDC such as JICA master plan, infrastructure development, online application and mobile application development. YCDC is implementing a lot of tasks for the city development in cooperation with the World bank.  We planned to launch the online application for building permitting system in mid 2019. This workshop will have benefits sharing experience and learn from each other.”

The field visit has been arranged during the workshop for the municipal representatives to observe water distribution, sew waste system, traffic control center and waste to energy plan.