Union Parliament: A Proposal To response The UN Human Rights Resolution Tabled

21 February 2019

The second Union Parliament convened the ninth day of its 11th regular session on Thursday.

At the session, the representative from ZeeGone constituency U Nyan Tun tabled a motion on encouraging the union government to carry out the effective response together with all citizens without discrimination of partisan, religion, region and personality to UN Human Rights Resolution on Myanmar promoted by OIC, EU and UNHRC which is a hidden political agenda to push Myanmar democracy development process to the crisis.

The motion was endorsed by the representative of Zayyathiri constituency U Hla Htay Win. The move was approved by the parliament to discuss. Next, the ministry of education clarified the works done by the national education policy commission during 6 months period.

The joint bill committee submitted their findings and remark on the consumer protection bill disagreed between the people’s parliament and national parliament.