Union Parliament: New Diplomation Relation Clarified, Loan From AFD Approved

16 May 2019
2019-05-16 14:01

The 2nd Union Parliament convened the 8th day of 12th regular session on Thursday.

During the session, union minister for international cooperation U Kyaw Tin clarified the 859.154 million kyats expended by the ministry of foreign affairs from 9095.262 million kyats of emergency fund included in the union budget law for 2018-2019 fiscal year and elaborated regarding with the establishment of diplomatic relation with the Republic of Benin, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Togolese Republic generally known as Togo sent by the president.

The deputy minister for electricity and energy Dr. Tun Naing and deputy minister for planning and finance U Maung Maung Win clarified the discussions of the representatives on the findings and remark of the joint public account committee regarding with the 35.7 million Euro of loan from AFD of France for the ministry of electricity and energy to implement the projects.

The responsible officials from 7 ministries clarified the parliament representatives’ discussions on the national planning report and budget report during 6 months period from April to September, 2018 sent by the union government and the findings and remarks of joint public account committee.

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