Union Parliament: Formation Of Joint Constitutional Amendment Committee Approved

19 February 2019

The Union Parliament holds the 8th day of its 11th regular session on Tuesday. First, the deputy patron of the union parliament clarified the parliament regarding with the implementations for the formation of joint committee for amending state constitution (2008).

Next, the patron of the union parliament sought the parliament’s approval for the formation of parliament joint committee for amending state constitution (2008) through the button system.

Then, the patron notified the parliament on the bill of second revised bill of constitutional amendment signed 143 MPs led by representative of KyaungKone constituency. Afterwards, the joint bill committee submitted their findings and remark on the literature and art copyright bill and gambling bill disagreed between the two parliaments.

Next, the union auditor-general clarified regarding with the Union parliament development fund of 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Afterwards, the MPs discussed regarding with the president’s message of recognition on protocol-2 to be sent to the office of ASEAN secretary general.