Union Day In Yangon: Yangon Marks 73rd Anniversary

12 February 2020
2020-02-12 11:57

Marking the 73rd Anniversary Union Day, Yangon observed a State flag hoisting and saluting ceremony at Independence monument of Mahabandula Park in Yangon, on Wednesday. 

Myanmar celebrates the Union day on the 12th of February annually as commemoration of the signing of Panglong agreement in 1947. The Panglong Agreement was in Panglong of Southern Shan State by General Aung San and ethnic leaders to gain the Independence together in the hills and plains with the resolution of living in equality and unity of the people. The Union Day depicts the unity of ethnic national brothers and sisters through the signing of the Panglong Agreement.

Member, Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), Than Myint Aung said “Panglong agreement leads to unity among all ethnic nationals. Today, the government is making efforts for the peace process led by State Counsellor. All ethnic nationals desire a democratic federal union so I would like to urge the non-signatory ethnic armed organizations to trust each other and march towards peace.” 

The union spirit is needed to maintain the country’s sovereignty and independence and to successfully implement the national reconciliation and peace process.

Vice Chairman, Mon Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association, Mi May Aye Aye Thant said “I am very pleased to attend the Union Day celebration as a Mon ethnic representative. Union day is very important as Panglong agreement led to independence achievement. All ethnic nationals need to get united and friendship. The internal peace is very important to march towards a democratic federal union.”

Union Day is a major celebration in Myanmar as it is a time of patriotism and great significant history day in Myanmar.

Representative, Yangon Kachin Rawang Ethnic Association, S. Dee Tans said “I am very delighted to attend the Union day celebration. This day is the significant day as Panglong agreement leads to equality in the hilly and plain regions. I wish end of civil conflict and peace in the country. I believe that a democratic federal principle will bring development to the country.”

Union Day is a great pomp and pride to all nationals in Myanmar. Union Day is celebrated across the country.

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