Trump, well wishers, pay tribute to former President Bush

4 December 2018

President Donald Trump paid tribute to former U.S. President George H.W. Bush on Monday as his body lay in state in the Capitol. WELL WISHER, ANNE CULBERT said"He'll be remembered as a wonderful one-term president. With a lot of -- the end of the Cold War and how he, as they say, didn't 'spike the football', you know, let them kind of go through the whole motions. But, he's a wonderful man. I'm glad to be local and be able to attend this privilege."

WELL WISHER, OSBERT OKEBATA said"I want to pay respect for his service. He live a life of service, it started from the age of 18. He was at Yale. He has a privilege, he could have stayed there but he left and joined the military. He was a great sailor."

Trump and First Lady Melania arrived around 8:30 pm local time. Trump has ordered the federal government to close on Wednesday when a state funeral is scheduled at the Washington National Cathedral.