Trucks carrying aid for Venezuelans arrive in Colombian border city; US Aid runs soup kitchen

19 February 2019

The first trucks carrying humanitarian aid meant to cross the border into Venezuela arrived in the Colombian border city of Cucuta on Thursday. officials were there to await instructions on how to distribute the food and medicine. Escorted by police motorcycles, the trucks pulled into the northern city.

there were desperate Venezuelans waiting to see whether President Nicolas Maduro's government would clear the border road he has blocked and allow the humanitarian shipments to pass. In Washington, the U.S. admiral in charge of American forces in South America said the U.S. military was prepared to protect U.S. personnel and diplomatic facilities in Venezuela if needed. Meanwhile, hundreds ate at a community kitchen set-up by US AID and the World Food Programme in Cucuta, where poor Venezuelans hope that Maduro will allow aid to be delivered.