Trade & Investment: Trade And Investment Project Launched In Yangon

4 March 2019

Aiming to improve market competitiveness, business and investment climate in Myanmar, the Trade and Investment Project was officially launched in Yangon on Monday, with the presence of Union Minister for Commerce.

Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) and UMFCCI are the leading implementers of Myanmar Trade and Investment Project, funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development with the technical assistance from International Trade Center.

The main responsibility of the project is to support joint efforts for public and private-sector partnership to strengthen Myanmar’s role in Asian economic system.

Union Minister, Ministry of Commerce, H.E. Dr. Than Myint said “The project will serve to boost the trade and investment opportunities in the country as well as to support in implementing the National Export Strategy effectively in the near future.”

In 2015, International Trade Center launched the National Export Strategy in the country and this is a follow up project due to the progress and export growth in the country.

It’s also target to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent work for citizens of Myanmar through increased trade and investment. 

Executive Director, International Trade Center, Arancha Gonzalez said “This project is about the boosting the exports of Myanmar, more value added so that better quality jobs come to the country and trade investment into productive capacities into soft infrastructure not just high infrastructure but also entrepreneurships on having small and medium enterprises in seven states and regions across the country to be able to stronger more competitive through trade. Myanmar moves up the value chain, moves from exporting commodity, lower value added products into higher value added products.”

It’s also learnt that one of the outcomes of the project will be the design of an updated National Export Strategy for the period 2020-2025 through consultations with all relevant stakeholders.