Trade And Investment: “Myanmar Insight Seminar 2018” For Thailand, Myanmar Economies

12 June 2018

A press conference on the upcoming “Myanmar Insight Seminar 2018” was held on Tuesday in Yangon.

Myanmar Insight Seminar 2018 will take place in Bangkok of Thailand on the 20th of July to further promote investment and trade between Thailand and Myanmar.

The seminar is designed to focus on experience sharing – it’s also to help Thai investors prepare to enter the Myanmar market.

Deputy Director General, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, Dr. Marlar Myo Nyunt said “We’re trying to attract more investments to Myanmar. So such an upcoming seminar will promote investment and trade between Myanmar and Thailand. The seminar will provide a platform for Myanmar policy makers to share information on Myanmar’s economic policies, laws and regulations related to foreign investment.”

Last year, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration approved around 423 million USD worth Thai investment in Myanmar. Thai investment in Myanmar is mainly in oil and gas sector.

Vice President, Thai Business Association of Myanmar, Nattawin Phongsphetrarat said “.. We are promoting all the investment areas in Myanmar. We are looking forward for the implementation of the new law which we expecting early of August and we hold that there will be more investment especially for Thailand coming from Myanmar.”

Thai businessmen will also invest in infrastructure, telecommunications, information technology, agriculture, fishery, seafood processing and tourism sectors, the Vice President added. Thailand is the 3rd largest investor in Myanmar after China and Singapore.