Tourism Sector: Experience Macao Myanmar Mega Promotional Road Show

1 April 2018

With the aim of promoting tourism sector in Myanmar and Macao, the experience Macao Myanmar Mega promotional road show in Yangon began. This 3-day show features festivities and events like Macao Grand Prix and 2018 Macao Year of Gastronomy promotions – it’s also to experience Macao in different styles.

Director, Macao Government Tourism Office, Maria Helena De Senna Fernandes said “This is the very first time Macao tourism promotion here in Myanmar.” “We have displayed about the world heritage in Macao. So We have some interesting areas where people can learn what we come Macao in number. We used to one to ten talked about interesting facts about Macao. There are always a little bit of interactive games and location where Myanmar public takes photos about Macao.”

Last year, about 8000 Myanmar people paid visit to Macao. Myanmar Tourism Industry had developed but it lags behind if compared to the neighbouring countries, the Director General of Directorate of Hotels and Tourism said.

Director General, Directorate of Hotels and Tourism, Tint Thwin said "The government should spend more budgets for tourism sector - I think weakness in promotion and high cost of transportation and accommodation are the reasons – to attract tourists, we also need to focus on human resources development."

The 3-day experience Macao Myanmar Mega promotional road show is set to take place till the 2nd of April.