Tourism Rally 2019: 7th Myanmar Heritage Trail Tourism Rally 2019 Kicked Off

10 January 2019

Participants from the 7th Myanmar Heritage Trail Tourism Rally 2019 left Yangon for “Journey to the Naga Land” on the early morning of Thursday.

Myanmar Tourism Marketing has been organizing such kind of Rally tour since 2015 with the aims to expand market and support for the promotion of the entire tourism industry. Myanmar Tourism Marketing strives to increase the public awareness of lesser known tourist destinations in Myanmar, at home and abroad as well as to show Myanmar as an ecological tourism destination through the Rally.

Executive Committee Member, Myanmar Tourism Marketing, Win Tin  said “This is 2th time Rally of our MHTTR with the help of Sagaing Region Government. Today, our tour will head to MonYwa and the grand opening ceremony of this rally by Sagaing Region Government will take place there at tomorrow. And then we will continue to Mawlaik, Tamu and Homalin. Later, we will go on to Lay Shi (Naga) to join and observe Naga’s New Year festival. The way back to home will across Mu Chaung, Maing Chaung, Ye-U, Shwe Bo and Sagaing.”

Sagaing Region Tourism Development Committee will arrange the transportation, accommodation, health care and safety for the participants to support to reach smoothly to their destination.

Participant, Myo Mon said “I have been joining MHTTR since last year. I think this trip will be a tough one for me. So, I prepared necessary things for the trip based on the experiences from others. I am also excited to explore Naga’s New Year Festival. I think that such kind of Rally to the lesser known tourist destinations in local should be held often in the future.”

This time, 63 participants across the country with 19 off-road vehicles joined 7th Myanmar Heritage Trail Tourism Rally 2019, Journey to the Naga Land. The Rally will take 9 days and it will be back to Yangon at 18th January 2019.

Participant, Kyaw Win said “Driving is my hobby and I have never been to Naga’s New Year festival so that I joined this Rally. I hope I will get a lot of knowledge on culture, traditional and lifestyle of Naga People through rally. And this rally brings a chance to donate clothes and stationeries to the children from nearby schools on the way to the destination.”

Participants believe that this Rally will promote public awareness of lesser known tourist destinations in Myanmar and to boost knowledge on the culture, traditional and lifestyle of Naga people among community.

Participant, Aye Aye Thet said “I am very interested in this trip that’s why I joined in it. This is the first time for me to join with MHTTR.  I heard that it would be very cold in Naga and the roads are also rough to the Naga land so I prepared the best for this trip. I have plans to join MHTTR’s Rally.”

It’s also learnt that the destination of the upcoming Myanmar Heritage Trail Tourism Rally will be India that will cross the border gate in Chin State that has opened recently.