Tourism Development: CBT In Kayah State

6 December 2018

Community Based Tourism (CBT) in Kayah State has been gaining momentum with the active participation of local residents.

CBT was introduced in the area in 2014, aiming to reduce poverty by providing job opportunities for women and youths.

The project was funded by the Netherland Government with the arrangement of International Trade Center (ITC).

Trainings have been conducted for the villagers so as to provide quality services for the visitors.

National Consultant, International Trade Centre (Kayah State), Pascal KhooThwe said “CBT project has been started in 2014. It was funded by the Government of Netherlands, and supervised by Geneva Office. It involved the departmental personnel, village people and social organizations. We conducted training to the villagers so that they come to know how to provide service to tourists.”

Four villages in Kayah State have been included in the project.

Local villagers expressed that CBT helps the visitors to their places know more about the customs and traditions.

Booking Assistant, Hta Nee La Le Village, Htwe Mya said “Training for CBT was conducted in 2014 by ITC. And the CBT was materialized by the end of 2015. Because of the training, we came to know about the useful facts of our traditional customs to be applied in tourism promotion. Tourists will also get a chance to know more about the life style of the villagers, the seasonal festivals and their customs with the assist of the trained persons.”

Chairman, Pan Pet Village CBT, Maung Tha said “Pan Pet Village is about 18 miles drive from Loikaw. It is part of Demoso Township. Kayan tribes are mostly residing in the village. People use to visit here since around 1990s since we were young. But at that time, visitors can only take photo, and went back. Now, they can get more knowledge about our village with the help of CBT members.”

Through CBT, local people not only get job opportunities but also expand markets for local products, the officials said. The project has been extended in Taninthayi Region to continue the Creative Tourism Activity.