Thingyan Preparation: 34 Pandals Allowed In Yangon City

8 April 2019
2019-04-08 16:41

A total of 34 pandals including the ones for walking Thingyan and Rakhine Traditional Thingyan were allowed for this year Thingyan Water Festival, according to Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

Construction of Thingyan pandals have been granted to start since 28th March. And after Thingyan, it has to demolish within five days. If not, 500000 kyats per day for big and medium size pandals will be fined. For the small pandals, the General Administration Department will take responsibility.

There will be five places for walking Thingyan where the residents can enjoy the traditional festival conveniently.

Assistant Head, Public Relations and Information Department, Hla Min said “13 big pandals, 15 medium size pandals, five pandals for walking Thingyan and one for Rakhine Traditional Thingyan, a total of 34 pandals were granted for this year. Since traffic jam always occur during Thingyan, people can enjoy at walking Thingyan at nearby pandals without worrying for traffic.”

Meanwhile, 85% of construction for Yangon City Central Pandal was completed so far. Officials have made arrangement for convenient participation of the revelers at the Central pandal.

Assistant Head, Public Relations and Information Department, Hla Min said “We have already built a water storage tank which can store 30000 gallons of water in the city hall compound. We will supply water to the pandal by the force of pressure pump. Moreover, there are five tube wells in the Maha Bandhula Park, and we will arrange for distribution of water from there if necessary.

Performances will be staged everyday at the Yangon City Central Pandal including the songs and dances by famous vocalists and artists as well as the traditional dance troupes and Anyeint. On the final day, there will be performance of National Art and Culture University. It also includes Dance competition, and the winning teams will be awarded on the final day.

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