Thanakha Festival: The First Thanakha Festival Held In Yangon

12 February 2019

The first Thanakha Festival in Yangon successfully kicked off on Tuesday with a large number of visitors near Sanchaung food town of People’s Square.

Thanakha Festival is a cultural festival held with the aims to preserve and promote the values of Myanma Thanakha.

Thanakha festival was held for the first time in Mandalay and this is the second edition.

The festival includes selling booths and exhibition booths of Thanakha planters, producers and exporters as well as entertainment programs, Thanakha games and Thanakha contest.

Founder, Thanakha Festival, Aung Myint said “Myanma Thanakha is loved by the whole nation and admired by other countries. Myanmar nationals wear Thanakha since childhood and it is always in our hearts. I would like to invite the public to come and explore various Thanakha products.”

Thanakha is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste worn by the people of Myanmar regardless of age and gender for its cooling sensation and protection from sunburn.

The festival is packed with the crowd especially young women.

Visitor, Sane Le Htay said “I came here with my daughters. I bought Thanakha, lotion and shampoo for my children. I really love this kind of festival as it is not easy to find good quality Thanakha in Yangon. I wear Thanakha everyday at home. Thanakha is very compatible with hot weather like now. It cools the skin.”

Visitor, Hnin Dar Le Soe said “I’m very proud of a festival held especially for what Myanmar girls cherish. I wear Thanakha on a daily basis, even to work. Thanakha makes a girl look elegant and sweet.”

Thanakha festival is being organized at People’s Square in Yangon from 9am to 10pm until the 17th of February.