28 September 2020
2020-09-28 18:52

Mandalay Covid-19 temporary camp was opened again for the second time in order to ease the accommodation difficulties of the healthcare staff including doctors, nurses, caregivers who are working at Mandalay General Hospital and Mandalay Kandawnadi Hospital to fight against Covid-19 infections.

According to the officials, healthcare staff including those who are working at Mandalay general hospital, Kandawnadi hospital, as well as laboratory experts from Public health laboratory Mandalay and Volunteers face difficulties in going back to their places while fighting against the covid-19.

So in order to ease the difficulties, a temporary camp was opened at the Ayeyawaddy hostel inside of the compound of University of Medicine (Mandalay) during April for the first time.

Rector, University of Medicine (Mandalay), Dr. Khine Maung Lwin said "Many healthcare staffs including doctors, nurses, as well as laboratory experts, volunteers are facing difficulties in accommodation while fighting with the covid-19 infections. Some of them have difficulties to go back to their places. So we open this camp to assist them.
This is the second time that we open this camp again. We are working our best to support in fighting against covid-19 infections.
And It will be much easier if everyone in the country work together and strictly follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and sports."

The Mandalay Covid-19 temporary camp can accommodate 50 persons and necessary items, foods, daily usages have been placed at the camp, it’s learnt.

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