Statistics Quiz: Competition Held Marking World Statistics Day

19 October 2018

Aiming to commemorate the World Statistics Day, the Statistics Quiz Competition was held at Yangon University of Economics on Friday.

The competition focus to promote the use of statistics and to know more about the importance of data and information for policy making and planning in the country among the public as well as the universities students.

It was organized for the first time in collaboration with UNFPA, Ministry of Labor, Immigration and Population (MoLIP), Central Statistical Organization, University of Economics from Yangon, Monywa and Meikhtila and also the World Bank.

Programme Specialist, UNFPA (Population and Development), Daniel Msonda said “Planning unique data...so you need to make inform decision to build the target especially population, and for you to do that you need to have accurate and adapt to statistics so that……..use of data and statistics is very important for policy making all levels so people the down ship level, at the general level and central level have to use data and statistics..”

The competition covers a wide range of topics such as basic statistic, mortality, birth rate, population, migration and regional development.

Rector, Yangon University of Economics, Prof. Tin Win said “As Data and information is the basic for the development of the country, we really want to know more about the importance of statistics subjects among the students. Moreover, we also need to get the accurate data in Myanmar for the planning and development projects which will be implemented in the country.  That’s why this competition will help to promote the use of statistics among the participants.”

Six students who are learning the statistics and population subjects from each university-Yangon University of Economics, Meikhtala University of Economics and Monywa University of Economics participated in this competition.

Contestant, Yangon University of Economics, Tun Tun said “I participate in this competition as I am interested in statistics; I do hope to get more knowledge on statistics through this very first time competition here. I'll try my best and apply the knowledge that I've learned in this competition.”

The United Nations Statistical Commission declared the World Statistics Day and the first worldwide celebration was kicked off on 20th October 2010. 

In Myanmar, the Statistical Forum is set to be held in 2nd November along with the prize presenting ceremony for this competition.