Sports Competition: 31st Track & Field Championship Of Myanmar Police Force Held

16 January 2019

The awarding ceremony of 31st track and field championship of the chief of Myanmar Police Force was held at Kyaikkasan sport ground, Yangon on Wednesday. 

It took place from 14th to 16th of January with 4 categories including running, jumping and throwing in both for men and women amateurs and professionals level. 

JUDGE, Police Lieutenant Colonel, Yu Naing said “We are organizing this sports competition annually to turn out the talented players from respective units of Myanmar Police Force, and departments from ministry of home affairs and to nurture them to become the national selections. The competitors’ records of track and field have improved.”

781competitors from different states and regions participated at the track and field competition.

Competitor, Traffic Police station(Mandalay), Papa Oo said “I broke the last year record with 9.20 compared with 9.11 by shot put event which is one of the 4 events in track and field competitions. I had experiences through the training and I’m very happy when I won the medal.

There are 19 events for women and 21 events for men at the track and field competition.

Competitor, Traffic control station (Mandalay), Aung ko min said “I’m glad that I got second prize at shot put event. There’s no big challenge in these matches as I trained a lot and I’ve been experienced for 13 years in these track and field competitions.” 

The prize awarding ceremony was held at the final day of the competitions. The responsible officials awarded to the medal holders and winners.