Spanish team helps battle Chile blaze

8 February 2023
2023-02-08 11:02

Spain's Military Emergencies Unit assisted Tuesday in battling a blaze in Chile's southern region of Biobío.The unit is part of the international help in Chile assisting firefighters to control dozens of raging wildfires that have killed at least 26 amid a scorching heat wave that has broken records.

On Tuesday, Chile registered at least 301 forest fires, of which 81 were out of control, a figure slightly higher than the day before.Some of those fires were nearing populated areas.In just six days, the fires caused the deaths of 26 people and injuries of varying degrees to a thousand more, according to official reports.In addition to the flora, other victims of the fires are animals, including domestic, many of which were left behind after their owners evacuated their homes by order of the authorities due to the proximity of the flames.As of Tuesday, 151 evacuation orders had been issued.


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