Skilled Employment: Meeting To Reopen Skilled Trainings With New Normal

30 July 2020
2020-07-30 09:20

A meeting with in-charges of government and private training schools to reopen skilled trainings during COVID-19 with new normal form was held at the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population on Wednesday.

At the meeting, Union Minister U Thein Swe said that the Ministry is carrying out to promote employment skills, to have opportunities to employees with new skills and re-skills and to fulfill the demand of skilled employees in the labour market. Today, the lifestyle of the people has changed due to COVID-19 and it reveals new normal form. As the digital technology is currently important, the training schools need to study how to apply and handle this technology.

The Union Minister added that the Working Committee to address the impacts of COVID-19 on the country's economy will disburse loans to survive again for overseas employment agencies and private schools for skilled development organized by the Ministry like other businesses if they are qualified with the set rules and regulations.

The training schools recognized by NSSA and the Department Labour can reopen in line with the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports during COVID-19 containment period. He also invited to give suggestion on fulfilling skilled workers and handling the issues during and after COVID-19 period.

The in-charges of government and private training schools reported on following the instructions of the Ministry and MoHS during COVID-19 period, preparation for reopening of training schools, difficulties and suggestions.

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