Shipping Service: Aiming For Socio-Economic Development Of Locals

23 January 2020
2020-01-23 17:03

With the arrangement of Yangon Region Government, shipping service between Yangon and Coco Kyun Township launched on Tuesday.

The service aims to provide transportation of the people in Coco Kyun Township and regional development tasks.

Joint Secretary, YRTA, Hla Aung said “The ship can carry at least about 60 passengers. We will give free service and serve with the meal.  YRTV rents this ship with 20 million kyats by signing contract. We will spend this amount from the management fund. We prioritize first the service to the people living in Coco Kyun, government staffs and organizations that are undertaking regional development.”

According to the Yangon Region Transport Authority (YTRA), it is planning to ply the ferry once per month.  Coco Island is a very important security area for Myanmar. Currently, it has not arranged yet for leisure trip and foreigners.

Passenger, Myint Myint Than said “I was born in Coco Kyun but I have been living in Yangon for a long time. It is difficult to visit the island. Later, we can go to my native place once a month. So, we can make donation there and also meet with my family. That’s why, I feel so happy.”

The free service is provided now and later, transportation of goods will be arranged. The MP from Pabedan Township Constituency said, the free ship service will provide socio-economic development, education and health sectors of the locals.

MP, Pabedan Township Constituency-1, Than Naing Oo said “Although Coco kyun is one of the townships in Yangon Region, it is far from Yangon. So, it is seemed that it is located separately. There are civil servants and it needs to arrange for education and health of their families. If we arrange the regular shipping service for this area, it will support the people living there. They can receive social and health care services.”

The distance between Yangon and Coco Kyun is 40-hour nautical miles. In the launching voyage, the ship carried 279 tons of construction materials, food stuff and nearly 40 passengers.

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