Shanghai Zoo Will Improve Efficiency after Death of Tiger Cub

3 February 2023
2023-02-03 16:07

Shanghai Zoo has said it will draw lessons and strengthen management after it confirmed that a tiger cub had drowned in the zoo's waters. It was confirmed that the drowned tiger cub was a six-month-old South China tiger, which jumped into the water due to a stress response. At present, the drowned cub has been properly placed, and the relevant areas are open normally.

After confirming with the zoo, the drowned cub was a cub born in July last year by the South China tiger "Lulu", who was six months old at the time of the incident. Considering that cubs at this age need to increase their physical fitness through more outdoor activities and sun exposure, on the morning of January 9, the zoo keeper let the mother tiger take four cubs to outdoor activities for the first time.

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