Security Operation: Foods From IDP Camps Found Out At AA Hideout

12 April 2019

The security forces carried out security operations in suspected AA hideouts, following the AA attack on the local police headquarters in MraukU on 9th and 10th April.

During the operation, foods hidden by the armed group were found out. The security forces searched an AA camp on the 11th in the forests located north-east of MraukU. They found food with the USAID brand, packs of dried food, including biscuits with the WFP label, dried fish, dried rice, packs of chilies, packets of rehydration salt and sugar along with sports dresses and socks.

It was reported that the clothes and food were provided by donors to IDP camps in Rakhine State.

There is no IDP camp in MraukU Township, and it has been found that the AA group collected the food from IDP camps in Rakhine State through several channels, according to the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services.