School Building Donation: MJTD Donates One-Story School Building In Thilawa SEZ Area

13 June 2019
2019-06-13 17:06

Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Ltd (MJTD) handed over a new one-story school building to the Ministry of Education at Sub-basic Education High School (Police Battalion) of Aye Mya Thidar Ward in Kyaunktan Township on Thursday.

Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Limited (MJTD) was established in 2014 as the operator and developer of first and only Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Myanmar. The main objectives of MJTD’s CSR programs are to help the development of transportation, education and health sector in the area to raise the living standard of the local community. MJTD has been donating the needs to meet its main objectives for the development of nearby areas of the Thilawa Special Economic Zones (TSEZ).

Chairman, TSEZ Management Committee, Dr. Set Aung said “Currently, about 80% of the factory employees who are working in the Thilawa SEZ are from Thanlyin and Kyauktan areas. We are offering seminar, internship and scholarship programs to the students of Thanlyin Technological University to turn out more skilled workers. Basic education sector in nearby areas is supposed to develop along with the growth of Thilawa SEZ. That’s why; we donated the school building here.” 

In 2017, MJTD donated a two-storey building worth 180 million kyats and a fence and a tube well worth 50.6 million kyats to Myaingtharyar sub-basic education high school in Thilawa. MJTD also provided 57.7 million kyats to pave a new 1900-foot long and 12-foot wide concrete road connecting Myaingtharyar village to Thanlyin-Kyauktan main road.

Community Relationship Officer, Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Ltd., Ai Ai Khaing said “There are 11 villages near the Thilawa SEZ. We focus on the nearest 8 villages for their infrastructure, education and health sector development. Since the growth of Thilawa SEZ improves gradually and creates many job opportunities, migrant workers come. The number of people around the Thilawa SEZ is on the increase. It will also bring unbalanced education and health sector. That’s why; we will keep donating the needs for the development here.”

This one-storey building which has six furnished classrooms costs over 160 million kyats. The headmistress expressed words of thanks to have received the new school building.

Headmistress, Sub-Basic Education High School (Police Battalion), Su Su Mar said “This school was a Basic Education Middle School before. It’s upgraded into a basic education high school this year but the school didn’t have enough classrooms as we have to accept Grade 10 and 11students. And, we received more about 100 students this year. Thanks to Thilawa SEZ, we’ve now got a new school building. Over 900 students from nearby 6 villages are studying here from KG to Grade 11.”

It’s also learnt that MJTD provided stationery kits and school supplies worth over 55 million kyats to more than 4,000 students in nearby areas of Thilawa SEZ.


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