Ruby Land: 800th Anniversary Of Finding Ruby At Mogok To Celebrate

12 January 2018

The grand festival to mark the 800th anniversary of finding ruby at the land of Mogok city is under preparations.

Mogok is a city in the Pyin Oo Lwin District of the Madalay Region which is known as a ruby land of Myanmar. It is located 22.92 latitude and 96.51 longitudes and situated at elevation 1162 meters above sea level. Mogok city has a population of 166,000 and it is a home to Myanmar, Shan, Palaung, Lisu, Chin, Koekant, Gurkhas and Pa-Oh.

Member, Committee for Mogok 800th Anniversary, Dr. Thet Thet Khine said “Mogok is only 28 miles away from Moemeik. There is an old airport built in Momeik and the airport can be maintained and reused with the support of the government to expand the tourism business. The 800th anniversary festival is held to acknowledge Mogok city by the world. The natives should put in efforts and voice the government to get support.”   

The festival is held with the aims of improving the Gems and Jewellery and tourism industries of the city, promoting the citizens’ traditions and culture, informing the history of Mogok city and increasing the job opportunities for the citizens.

Member, Committee for Mogok 800th Anniversary, Dr. Khin Khin kyawt said “It has been about 10 to 12 months that the preparations for the festival initiated. It unites Mogok, Mandalay and Yangon into one and is full of essence. The festival is held to make Mogok city a hotspot for travelers, to build a gem centre or museum for the tourists and to raise the socio-economic life of the local people.”

The organizing committees for Mogok city 800th Anniversary were formed in Yangon, Mandalay and Mogok respectively and the tourism federation, Myanmar Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association, charity groups, artists and many more participate in the committees’ meetings and discussions to be able to celebrate the grand festival successfully.

With the agreement of the members, the committee decided to use 60% of the fund for the festival and the remaining 40% for the community centre to help Mogok residents. 

Member, Committee for Mogok 800th Anniversary, Htun Eaindra Bo said “My sister invited me to be part of this and I decided to join as a native of Mogok city. I mainly want to promote the Mogok city. I hope the increase of job opportunities of the city such as agriculture apart from the Gems and Jewellery industry. Mogok produces good quality of tea leaf and also coffee farms can be worked well at that kind of weather.”

The Mogok 800th anniversary is planned to be held for 3 days from March 29th to 31st at Mhone Kwin, Mogok City.