Ridge Gourd Market: Growers Face Difficulties In Selling During This Season

18 June 2020
2020-06-18 16:06

The farmers who grown ridge gourd at Kamar Sai Village in Thahton Township, Mon State face difficulties to make trading during this growing season. 

As the temperature was too high in this summer, the ridge gourd yield rate was on the decrease and the price was only the half of normal price.

Farmer, Kamar Sai Village, Khin Oo said “The ridge gourd plantation didn’t grow as we expected because of the high temperature. We got about 4,000 visses of Ridge gourd from one acre before but we only produce about 3,000 visses during this season. In the previous year, the price of Ridge gourd was in good demand in market and we fetched about 500 kyats for 1 viss. But this year, we only get 300 kyats, the half of the normal price.”  

The ridge gourd is grown starting from Kason and it is harvested on Nayon and Waso of Myanmar months. As some markets and transportation were temporarily suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease across the country, there were some problems in business for ridge gourd growers, it’s learnt. 

Farmer, Kamar Sai Village, Khin Oo said “We sent our crops to Mawlamyine and Hpa-An last year for selling and the marker was good. The sales are poor now because of transportation have been suspended because of COVID-19. Moreover, some crops have been destroyed by the pests.”

There are about 20 farmers who grow seasonal crops like eggplant, gourd, long bean including ridge gourd at Kamar Sai Village in Thahton Township of Mon State, according to the report of Information and Public Relations Department.

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