Rice Export: Expected To Reach The Same Amount With Last Year

18 January 2019

About 1.7 million tons which is the 60% of the Myanmar rice is exported to China through borderline last year.

This year’s rice export is decreasing compared to last year, and one of the obstacles is the export problem at China Myanmar borderline that started for about 2 months. The CEC member of Myanmar Rice Federation said at a conference on Myanmar’s Rice Sector in Yangon on Friday.

He added that Myanmar’s agricultural products are mainly exported to China and India. So, the bilateral understanding between governments is vital.

CEC member, Myanmar Rice Federation, Dr. Soe Tun said “As there is the decrease in rice export than last year, I’ve come to this conference with the hope to find new market and to strengthen the current export market. Last year, up to 3 million to 6 million tons of rice was exported. For this year, as over 1.5 million ton was exported up until now, we expect to export over 2 million tons.”

EU also withdrew its GSP for long-grained type of rice exporting from Myanmar and Cambodia starting January.

But the official from Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization said it won’t be much affect in overall rice export as the average export of long-grained type rice to EU is about 40,000 to 50,000 tons according to last year data.

He also added that it is expected to reach the last year’s export amount, and also hoped to find new market for rice export.

Director General, Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization, Aung Soe said “We expect the usual tons of rice export like the previous years. We can’t expect to exceed that amount but we are trying to export the same amount of tons as last year. For the new market, we will find it in the rice-purchasing countries likewise Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Africa.”

The experts also suggest producing high quality rice for achieving value added export market.

Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. David Atkin said  “I think it’s huge potential for the Myanmar rice sector to increase the export. If you want to reach high price, high value adding export market like US and Europe, it would involve great in quality. So, to do that, one thing which we think extremely important is having sort of buyers in place who can commit of purchasing substantial quantity of high quality rice if farmers and millers and traders make the investment needed in order to produce this rice.”

At the conference, the importance of encouraging SME enterprise to take part in exporting was discussed and finding the way to link them with the major big enterprise which are currently taking the role of exporting.