Rescue Training: Yangon Rescue Organization (YRO) Giving Rescue Training

12 April 2019

Yangon Rescue Organization (YRO) is giving training to provide rescue activities during the Thingyan Festival on 11th April in Yangon.

Aiming to give emergency healthcares timely during the Thingyan Festival, Yangon Rescue Organization has been planning training activities to the volunteer groups.

Chairman, Yangon Rescue Organization (YRO), Tun Tun Oo said “In this year, we will station 200 volunteers for the six walking Thingyan festivals. For the southern Yangon region, we will operate with a total of 100 Ambulances and 7 more ambulances for medical cares. We have planned to provide emergency services for flood and fire disasters too.” 

Yangon Rescue Organization comprised of more than 130 Yangon rescue associations.

Chairman, Yangon Rescue Organization (YRO), Tun Tun Oo said “For Yangon Region, normally, we provide more than 7000 volunteers with over 280 Ambulances. But during the T|hingyan Festival, we have 18 major emergency points across the Yangon region. The emergency points are set in all districts. There were a lot of difficulties in Yangon General Hospital for the emergency treatments last year. But, we have trainers who are giving training to the volunteers this year.”

During Thingyan Festival, Yangon Rescue Organization (YRO) is planning not only for emergency healthcares but also cleaning across Yangon City.