Repatriation Process: ASEAN-Emergency Response And Assessment Team Visits Rakhine State

14 March 2019

ASEAN-Emergency Response and Assessment Team (ASEAN ERAT) delegation visited HlaPhoeKhaung Transit Center, Ngakhuya Reception Center and also the villages where returnees will be settled.

During the visit from the 8th to the 10th of March, the delegation comprised of 10 members from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand discussed with officials returnee accepting process, arrangements for infrastructures, safety, administration, education, health, foods, issuance of national verification card and aid provision as well as social harmony efforts.

The delegation also met with the residents of the villages where returnees will be settled and observed the houses for returnees donated by UEHRD and donor countries.

The delegation met with the Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu on the 11th of March and held talks on the findings during the visit.

The delegation, on Wednesday afternoon, also held talks with the Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Dr. Win Myat Aye on the findings during the visit and continuation of cooperation.