Regional Workshop: Deep Seabed Resources And Blue Economy Helds In Nay Pyi Taw

9 September 2019
2019-09-09 15:54

The very first Regional Information workshop on Deep Seabed Resources and the Blue economy for ASEAN and BIMSTEC countries jointly organized by International Seabed Authority and Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education with the support of the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) in Nay Pyi Taw, Monday.

This workshop aims to raise awareness for the members of the ASEAN and BIMSTEC on the potential opportunities arising from their increased participation in activities undertaken in the Area of deep seabed resources and blue economy.

The international Seabed Authority was established in November 1994 after the United Nations Convention on the law of the Sea was entered into force. ISA on the 25th anniversary silver jubilee celebrations of its founding. Myanmar has been continuously and actively participating in the work of the International Seabed Authority since 1996.

Union Minister pointed out this workshop will serve as a catalyst in fulfilling the capacity needs of the region to fully enjoy the benefit derived from this exploitation of natural resources in the Area as common heritage of the mankind. He also urged to establish Seabed Authority Regional Capacity Building Center of ASEAN and BIMSTEC so as to conduct capacity building training and workshops for ASEAN and BIMSTEC member countries.

Union Minister, Ministry of International Cooperation, H.E. Kyaw Tin said “Our Myanmar representatives have been attending the International Seabed Authority meetings since 1996.
We also include in ISA committee members.
Seabed is controlled not to harm the natural resources, also to put effort for prevailing the rule of law and equitable sharing of the deep seabed as common heritage of mankind. We support the ISA for its mandate in marine conservation and sustainable exploitation of marine resources.”

The international Seabed Authority is now at the crucial stage of transition form exploration to exploitation level in the implementation of its mandate in ocean governance.

Secretary General, International Seabed Authority, Michael W. Lodge said "…We are inter-governmental organization headquarter is Kingston in Jamaica. We have a 168 members countries including Myanmar.
So, we are very pleased to be here this week. This is the first time that this organization has traveled to on the way to Myanmar to hold and it is very important seminar involving not only Myanmar but also other countries from ASEAN and BIMSTEC regions.
We think very important regions for us because of the many of the ASEAN and BIMSTEC countries are member of the international Seabed authority. So, we are holding a seminar here is week to discuss with Myanmar and neighboring countries how the work of the authority to contribute the development of the blue economy.
Blue economy is meant the economy the maritime space especially the sustainable use of the ocean resources including oil and gas and deep sea marine…"

This workshop also provided improvement of understanding on potential benefits for ASEAN and BIMSTEC members to undertake in the area of decision making process, technical cooperation and sustainable development for Blue economy.

Rector, Monywa University, Dr. Thura Oo said “I am a representative from the Ministry of Education to attend this workshop. International seabed authority (ISA) holds a workshop for the ASEAN and BIMSTEC member countries as a knowledge sharing for the research, economic development and capacity building. Myanmar can amend concerning the maritime law.
The related ministries also enacted law and by-law not to harm the natural resources according to the international law. We hope to acquire the technology and capacity building from this workshop.”

More than 100 participants from ASEAN and BIMSTEC regional members including international legal and scientific community as well as technical experts from relevant UN agencies joined this two day workshop.

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