Regional Development: State Counsellor Visited Chin State

21 January 2019

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi arrived at Htantalan of Chin State on Sunday. At the briefing hall of TiKir  Dam, the officials reported on the work undertakings and regional development tasks during the dam construction project. The State Counsellor later attended the opening ceremony of Tikir Dam and gave a speech.

She stressed that the project could bring much benefits for irrigation water, drinking water, and electricity. Based on these developments, it could help for better transportation, and also support for health and education sectors. The State Counsellor also called for cooperation of the people for successful implementation of the development projects of the nation.

The State Counsellor, Vice President U Henry Van Thio and officials later formally opened the dam. 

They also attended the opening ceremony of Thikir Micro Hydropower Plant and unveiled the stone inscription. The hydropower plant was constructed by the Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department.

The State Counsellor later met with the local people in Htantalan Town Hall. She stressed that the stance of Government could not be materialized successfully without the support of people. The most important task of the Government is to listen to the voice of people so as to serve the duty successfully.

It also needs to have public’s trust on the Government. The State Counsellor urged the locals to ask about what they want to know in open manner. The locals asked about the needs for regional development. The Union Minister and officials explained the plans to fulfill the needs sector wise. The State Counsellor later provided rice and edible oil to the locals.

The State Counsellor and party later proceeded to Rikhawda, and presented rice and edible for the locals through the Township Administration and townselders. They visited Rieh Lake and enjoyed the performance of Chin traditional dance troupe. Rieh Lake is located 2997 ft above the sea level near Rikhawda in Falam District. It is over 2 miles wide and it was found at about 1500 AD. It is famous tourist destination among the visitors.

The State Counsellor and party later arrived at Hakha and met with the local people. The State Counsellor explained about the regional development tasks being undertaken by the Government. The locals also asked about the needs for the region and the officials explained about the sector wise plans. The State Counsellor also presented rice and edible oil for the locals.