Regional Development: Hydropower Plant Opened In Putao

10 January 2019

Upper NantHtwam  Hydropower Plant in PutaO of Kachin State was commissioned into service on Wednesday. Chairperson of the Central Committee for Border Area and National Races Development, State Counsellor Daw Aung Suu Kyi attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech.

The State Counsellor said distribution electric power could bring brighter light for the people including children. With the access of electricity, many opportunities will come for promoting economy. She added that the Government is carrying out for development of transportation and electricity sector as the priorities for physically progress of hilly areas.

She pointed out that the electricity access could help communicating among the whole nation and the entire world as well. Union Minister for Electricity and Energy U Win Khaing later explained the salient pointes of the construction process. Kachin State Chief Minister Dr. Khet Aung also explained about the benefits, gained by the project.

Later, the Hydropower Plant was formally opened by the Union Minister, the Chief Minister and officials, followed by the unveiling of the inscription of the plant by the State Counsellor. They later viewed around the hydropower plant. Upper NantHtwam Hydropower Plant is situated about 7 miles west of PutaO. With 3.2 megawatt installed capacity, the plant will generate 14.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. 10 wards from PutaO, 4 wards from MaChanBaw and 23 nearby villages can now enjoy 24 hours supply of electricity.

 The State Counsellor and party later went to the Educative Booth on Environmental Conservation where Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation U Ohn Win and officials explained about Khakaborazi National Park and Hponkanrazi Wildlife Sanctuary.

The State Counsellor later viewed round the display of biodiversities and local orchid species. Khakaborazi National Park is situated in PanNanDin area of NaungMon Township in PutaO District and it is home to snow-capped mountains and biodiversities. It was designated as the National Park in November 1998, and listed in the ASEAN Heritage Parks in December 2003. It is over 1400 square miles. Hponkanrazi Wildlife Sanctuary was established in December 2003, and it is over 1000 square miles wide, stretching PutaO, MaChaBaw and NaungMon Townships. It is recorded the habitat of 36 species of mammal, 370 bird species, 360 butterfly species, 82 species of reptile and amphibian including the wildlife species from eastern Himalayan region.

The State Counsellor and party later visited Rawan National Park and enjoyed the performance of Rawan cultural troupe. They also visited Rawan National Museum and viewed the display of booths.

On arrival at Khakaborazi National Park, the officials reported on the habitat of wildlife, efforts for listing Khakaborazi area in the World Heritage List, and opportunities for creating eco-tourism destination.

The State Counsellor later met with the Hluttaw Representatives, local people and officials in NaungMon. She said although the region is lagged behind in development, the rare resource of natural environment and strong human resource could bring a unique development of the region. The officials later reported on regional development tasks, followed by the reports of a local for the requirement. The State Counsellor pledged to fulfill the needs for regional development as soon as possible. She later presented foodstuff for the local people through the officials and townselder.

Later in the day, the State Counsellor met the ethnic local people from MaLiKhum  Village and LayYinKwin Ward of PutaO and AromDan (KhaRaun) village of PanNanDin. They made open discussion on the needs and difficulties. The State Counsellor explained about the conditions to be fulfilled the needs by the Government and pledged to provide the needs as soon as possible.