Regional Conference: Regional High Level Conference On Precursor Control

7 November 2018

The regional high level conference on precursor control took place at Nay Pyi Taw, Wednesday.

The global and regional context related to synthetic drug trafficking trends and precursor diversion, national precursor control efforts and current trafficking/ seizure trends, chemical industries, regulatory efforts and public-private-partnerships, preventing inter-regional precursor diversion, practices and law enforcement capacity and responses issues will be discussed on 7th to 9th November.

Regional Representative, UNODC regional office, Jeremy douglas said “..Now it is the huge problem is growing synthetic drug production. We brought together all of the government service in the region to talk about chemical are to going to make a growth. We have to have regional solutions because you cannot manufacture drugs without chemical. The chemical come from around the region into the drug producing area so we need to stop. So we here to negotiate the news and discussion new plan that we can all agree to, to take action against for this problems. The biggest producing in the worlds are China and India.”

According to the agreement of Mekong MoU Senior officials committee meeting SOC, Myanmar will make a sub-regional action plan for drugs prevention. Besides, Myanmar also participated as a member of the state Mekong operation project (2016-19) to prevent the drugs trafficking.