Region Parliament: Yangon Region Parliament Held Its Second Day Of Special Session

12 June 2019
2019-06-12 16:25

Yangon Region Parliament held its second day meeting of special session (1/2019) on Wednesday.

At the session, chairman of public accounts committee of Yangon region parliament read the committee’s report on Estimated Budget of Yangon Reigon Government (2019-2020) which is later followed by MP’s discussion.

The committee made a suggestion to use P.A.E system in construction of office buildings, roads and bridges for more accurate and standardized quality so that unnecessary budgets can be reduced.

Regarding to the estimated budget, the MP from Dagon Constituency-2 gave suggestions on 5 billion kyats of estimated budget to buy a ship for better transportation in Cocokyun township.  

MP, Dagon Constituency-2, Kyaw Zeya said “There is no jetty in Cocokyun. The transport route is limited depending on weather and security. It is true that it will help smooth transportation of students and employees but 5 billion kyats is too much. We already objected the demand of 500 million kyats to buy ship in previous RE budget. I think it is better to save the money in bank and provide support to help the citizens in other ways when needed rather than buying a ship.”

The MP also talked about his objection towards the plan to construct a 7-storey building for Yangon region police force in Yangon region parliament compound with estimated budget of 5 billion kyats.

The MP from Thaketa Constituency-2 pointed out that it is a good thing to see the increase in estimated income of Myanmar Film Development Centre from 475.252 milllion kyats to 493.260 milllion kyats and it will be better to rent shops of the centre with current market price.

Concerning the development of Hlaing township, MP from Hlaing Constituency-1 said that more budgets are needed to fullfil the needs of the public. 

MP, Hlaing Constituency-1, Kyaw Kyaw Tun said “The estimated budget only included 7 out of 10 requests for budget to build roads and drains in Hlaing township. Most importantly budget to build concrete road for 2400 feet long Myanandar road situated in 5 ward of Hlaing township was requested and the budget for only 1290 feet is included. I would like to ask for reviewing as public will criticize very badly for the remaining 1110 feet.”

The MP added the need to re-assess 2075 million kyats of budget to buy 80 new vehicles for townships and region government offices and to use the budget for basic needs of the public and public services instead.

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