Refugees Return: 133 Refugees Returned Back From Thailand

21 February 2019

Over 100 Myanmar refugees in Thailand returned back via Myawady Border Gate on 20th February.

According to UNHCR, more than 500 refugees are expected to return during this week as part of a voluntary repatriation process led by the Myanmar and Thai Government.

The refugees will be departing from five refugee camps on the border and crossing from Thailand into Myanmar’s Kayin and Kayah States. They will continue on to reception centres, where they will be provided with assistance including immigration support with documentation, and medical screening. From there, they will go on to their final destinations.

Head, Myawady District Disaster Management Department, Tin Maung Wai said “We provide them with 3000 kyats for each person daily to cover their meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also provide blanket, mosquito net and pillow and mat as well as make a partition room for the family. We also arrange necessary things for sanitation.”

There are currently more than 97,000 refugees from Myanmar living in nine camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. This is the third of such movement. 72 refugees have returned in 2016 and 73 in 2018. This is the first batch in 2019 which includes 133 persons from 31 households.