Redatam Database: Training For Journalists Conducted

5 December 2018

“2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census REDATAM Database Training for Journalists” was held in Yangon on Wednesday.

It was jointly organized by Department of Population and United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) Myanmar.

Deputy Director, Department of Population, Sandar Myint said “We launched many reports related to census to the public in both Myanmar and English Languages. We created REDATAM Database with the help of UNFPA Myanmar to draw table and charts by using data from the reports. That is based on 100 % of 2014 census data, and provides data down to the township level. The database also supports policymakers, local authorities, journalists, the private sector, academics, civil society and the general public to produce their own tables and cross-tabulations of census variables on their own computers, tablets and mobile phones.”

The progrmme specialist encouraged journalists at the training to use the data from the census for the stories, feature stories, for their research and highlight most of the evidence from census showing in terms of differences to access to services, education, economic opportunities, gender equality and others.

Programme Specialist – Census, United Nations Population Fund, Daniel Msonda said “We are discovered that there are a lot of data out there that come from census. This is really capacity for people able to use that data for policy making, for planning, for budgeting, for allocation resources, for monitoring of problems. So I think this training to make sure people will have skills to be able to access, to utilize that data. Currently, Myanmar is undergoing a lot of reforms politically, socially, economically. I hope this reform requires good data and good evidence. The census data provides the best for the reforms. It is just one of the key elements that could influence the reforms and the transformation and democratization and the centralization.”

Many reporters from state and private broadcasting channels, online media and newspaper houses attended this one day training. One of Reporters also expressed the rewards of joining this training.

Freelance Reporter, Moe Moe Khing said “When we write news, the news must be accurate and true. So we need an accurate data and good evidence to write perfect news. I hope we will get a lot of accurate data and good evidence to apply them when we write news through this training.”

It’s learnt that 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census was collected by enumerators by visiting each household about 81,500 enumeration areas starting from 29th March to 10th April 2014.