Rakhine State Situation: Illegal Immigrant, ARSA Member Captured

8 April 2019
2019-04-08 12:30

Security forces captured an illegal immigrant named Shahel from Bangladesh on the 29th of March west of Aungthapyay Village of Maungtaw Township. Investigation reveals that the illegal immigrant crossed the border fence on the 28th of March with 5 villagers from Lainmawcherry Village to rustle.

Also, security forces arrested Osman Gawni (a) Osama for suspicious behavior at a ravine near the Border Post No. 40 in the Area 2 of northern Maungtaw Township.

Investigation reveals that Osman Gawni is from Yinmakyaung Taung Village of Buthidaung Township; he was involved in the attack on Taung Bazar Police Outpost on the 25th of August in 2017; he was recruited into ARSA and attended the terrorism training for two months in 2018; the recruits are tasked with ambushing border guard posts and police outposts; and ARSA ambush on a vehicle carrying border police on the 16th of January in Watkyein Village of Maungtaw Township was committed by a 12-men group led by Zubai from Thetkelpyin Village. Osman Gawni was a member of the 3 50-men groups who entered Myanmar to attack 3 police outposts including the Ngayant Chaung police outpost. 

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