Railways Upgrade: Smooth Transportation For The Commuters

5 December 2018

Myanma Railways officials on Tuesday clarified the Ba Yint Naung Level Crossing upgrading work with the help of the long lasting trusted technology by JICA.

This is the second section of upgrading circular railways. There’re 2 parts - eastern and western. DaNyinkone-Insein, Insein-Kyeemyindine and on the other side Danyinkone-Kyaikkalae-Mingalardon-Payoutseikkone.

General Manager, Myanma Railways (Lower Myanmar), Tun Aung Thin said “We will continue the upgrading work of the first section. For the second section, as we will soon upgrade these processes, we first upgrade the Ba Yint Naung Level Crossing. During this period, we have plans to arrange the two parts not to affect the traffic jam. The first is to close the half of the north side and vehicles go in the south side. At the same time, after the south side is done, we will perform the north side. The work will also continue from 9 pm to 3 am to lay down PC panels. After this the Ba Yint Naung Level Crossing will become straight and the vehicles will convenient to pass.”

Officials from YBS observed the project area not to affect the traffic condition, and also with the help of YRTA, the survey has been collecting for the routes so as the passengers to commute conveniently without traffic jam.

General Manager, Myanma Railways (Lower), Tun Aung Thin said “During this project period, discussions have been made with the responsible person from Union Government, Yangon Region Government, and related department each. For Yangon Region, the cooperative efforts have been made mainly with the Traffic Police Unit, YCDC, YBS and YRTA. We will perform the best of these tasks not to affect the public transportation.”

It is also known that there are official 25 level crossings along the circular rail link. After finishing this project, the KhaYayPin level crossing will soon be upgraded.