PWDs Demand: Workshop Demands Participation In Natural Disaster Management

17 June 2019
2019-06-17 16:45

Myanmar Federation of Persons with Disabilities organized a workshop demanding participation in the Natural Disaster Management work process.

According to the 2014 census, in Myanmar, 4.6% of the country’s over 51 million people are PWDs, accounting for 2.3 million. In recognition of the rights of the PWDs, Myanmar became a signatory of the United Nations Convention on the PWDs on 7 December 2011 and enacted the Disability Rights Law in 2015 and the PWDs Law in 2017. Myanmar also adopted the Myanmar National Strategy for the Development of PWDs (2016-2025).

General Secretary, Myanmar Federation of Persons with Disabilities, Myat Thu Winn said “We see significant progress in the current government’s term. Our federation is making efforts to ensure that persons with disabilities get their rights and protection. The situation persons with disabilities face in natural disaster is literally frightening. The 2008 Nargis disaster left a number of people disabled and the rehabilitation process was not for all of them.”

This workshop is outcome of meeting with parliamentarians and the workshops held in Yangon, Pathein, Mawlamyaing and Nay Pyi Taw. The workshops collected voices of PWDs who experienced disasters.

General Secretary, Myanmar Federation of Persons with Disabilities, Myat Thu Winn said “The rights of PWDs are written in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and even in the State Constitution. The implementation should be sure and quick. The best solution is to let us become members of the committees – it’s important. The state constitution says that the PWDs must have the equal rights as normal persons.”

The Government provided cash assistance to 12,855 PWDs in 2017-2018 fiscal year and to 12,129 PWDs in 2018-2019 fiscal year. The National Committee for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was formed on 17 September 2017 to promote employment, education and healthcare for PWDs.


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