Promoting Cooperation: HK Readies To Work With Myanmar For Belt & Road Dev’t

26 November 2018

Hong Kong is ready to work with Myanmar to jointly develop the Belt and Road as well as the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor to bring more benefits between the two countries.

Deputy Commissioner of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Song Ruan said during his meeting with a Myanmar media delegation who are on a study visit in Hong Kong on the 22nd of November.

He added that Hong Kong Commissioner’s Office is carrying out to promote mutual cooperation among Hong Kong, mainland China and the countries along Belt and Road region.

Deputy Commissioner, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Song Ruan said “One priority of the mission for the Commissioner’s Office is to facilitate the Belt and Road and the Greater Bay Area development. We initiated the tripartite cooperation mechanism involving Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the Belt and Road countries to promote mutual reinforcement of each other’s strength and win-win cooperation.”

Myanmar is now developing power generation, urban transportation, deep sea water port and infrastructure. Myanmar also has passed a new investment law and amended the company with a firm commitment to improving investment environment.

The Deputy Commissioner expressed that the recent seminar held in Hong Kong helped build confidence between the two countries for economic cooperation.

Deputy Commissioner, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Song Ruan said “At the beginning of this month, we used the opportunity of Chinese Ambassador Hong Liang’s visit to Hong Kong to stage a seminar on Hong Kong- Mainland – Myanmar Cooperation at the Commissioner’s office… The seminar helped them to know better about market in Myanmar and the confidence on two countries’ efforts to develop Belt and Road and the China- Myanmar economic Corridor.”

Hong Kong is the largest capital market of Asia and the largest off-shore Renminbi Market in the world. It has over 150 locals and international banks. The Deputy Commissioner stressed that these institutions may provide financing services to Myanmar including loans and bonds insurance.