Projects For Investment: Press Conference On The Planned 149 Projects In Yangon Region

22 October 2019
2019-10-22 17:02

Yangon Region Government held a press meeting on Tuesday concerning the list of 149 projects which was submitted as the Annex (3) of the Regional Project Bill, submitted to the Regional Parliament.

Regional Minister for Kayin Ethnic Affairs Naw Pan Thinzar Myo who is also the Chairperson of Yangon Region Investment Committee said there were concerns among the public due to the parliament's decision on documenting the Annex (3) as the record.

She added that the Annex (3) was submitted as the supporting documents for Regional Project Bill of Yangon Region for 2019-2020 fiscal year to the Regional Parliament. All the projects that will be implement in Yangon Region which include 80 projects from Yangon Project Bank as well as the projects are that are going to be implemented by the Union level and with the contribution of ODA loans were described in the annex for the knowledge of the public and all Hluttaw Representatives.

Minister, Ministry of Kayin Ethnic Affairs (Yangon Region), Naw Pan Thinzar Myo said “There occured misunderstandings as it is announced that the projects in the annex will be documented as the record. Some thought that these projects will not be implemented, and there arouse concerns among the people as some of those projects are under implementation and some are in the stage of feasibility study. We just submitted this annex to support the regional project bill by mentioning all the projects that should be implemented in the region. So, it was documented as a record.”

She continued that among these projects, 87 will be materialized while four projects will be implemented with the Union budget while 58 with the Regional Government budget.

The Regional Minister added that these projects are planned to be implemented in the region, and it needs budget allotment and investments from local and foreign investors.

Minister, Ministry of Kayin Ethnic Affairs (Yangon Region), Naw Pan Thinzar Myo said “We can able to implement the projects only when we have budget. Some can be implemented with the capital provided by the investors. We just plan to be implemented these projects, and it needs to have approval from the officials of respective levels.”

It is learnt that the projects described in the Annex (3) are the list of projects that will be implemented in the region for the Hluttaw representatives in a transparent manner. These projects have been compiled for easy observation of local and foreign investors who wish to make investments.

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