Preventive Measures: Beaches In Ayeyawady Region Shut Down Temporarily

25 March 2020
2020-03-25 16:35

The Beaches including Ngwe Hsaung and ChaungTha in Ayeyawady Region have been shut down temporarily starting 24th March.

It is a step to reduce the Coronavirus outbreak since the virus can be spread quickly due to mass gatherings.

Ayeyawady Region Development Affairs Minister said that the Regional Central Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19 also approved the shutting down of the beaches.

Minister for Development Affairs, Ayeyawady Region Government, Kyaw Myint said “According to the release, the beaches and some public areas - Chaung Thar, Ngwe Saung, Shwe Thaung Yan, Gawrangi, Zalon, Mawtin, Nyanung Chaung Thar and A kout Taung –will be temporary shutting down starting 24th March till the end of April. We also consider for the control of epidemic and the economic impact in their region.”

It is learnt that locals comprised of more than 1600 households have demanded the Regional Government to control the travelling to the public areas.

Local resident, Kyaw Lwin said “Our region does not have much medical equipment like PPE- there are only about 5 surgical gowns in our region and we have no mask or something and not sufficient the medical personnel. The visitors will come from all of the country. So we won’t be able to contain if we experience the COVID 19 outbreak. For us, prevention is essential before the virus spreading.”

This shutting down and reducing public events, festivals and other crowded occasions by the collaboration of citizens can protect the spreading of virus and the Ministry of health and sports can support more healthcare to the suspicious patients ,said by the Regional Minister for City Development Committee.

The villagers were very happy for this shutting down by the Regional Government and they are willing to collaborate in the activities for preventing COVID 19 led by the Ministry of Health and Sports.

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