Preparations Underway: Strategies On Media Monitoring And Evaluation To Be Planned

13 February 2018

Preparations are underway to draw up strategies on media monitoring and evaluation for the local media industry. A kick-off workshop initiated by the DW Akademie with stakeholders was held in Yangon on Tuesday.

Myanmar Press Council is a main partner in the 3-year strategies till 2020 and will work to prevent hate speech and fake news especially on social media. Campaigns on "Media and Information Literacy" will also be conducted as a component of the strategies, U Thiha Saw, Secretary of Myanmar Press Council said. Under the strategies, there is a collaboration between Journalism Department from National Management Degree College and Myanmar Journalism Institute.

Secretary, Myanmar Press Council, Thiha Saw said “Media monitoring will be carried out. Let's say … concerning Rakhine State issue, there was plenty of blame – which is true news … which is fake news matters – we have to clarify. Also, hate speech is to be prevented.”

The strategies are also to strengthen the role of local media by a collaboration between partners and stakeholders in the industry, DW Akademie said.

Head of Asia and Europe, DW Akademie, Michael Karhausen said "You our roles is not to come here to have solution, but our role is, bring partners together to corporation with us. And we would like to support this partners and to able journalists to play their roles. But we also benefit from experience of Myanmar media. So it is exchanged of idea with the aim of to strengthen the role of journalist within society."

Officials from Myanmar Radio and Television also joined the workshop.