Preparation For Thingyan: Yangon Splash Walk To Include Different Eras Celebrations

11 April 2018

This year’s Yangon Splash Walk will recreate Thingyan celebrations from different eras. A press conference on the upcoming celebrations was held on Tuesday. Yangon Splash Walk began in 2016. Participants walk around downtown Yangon and splash water over the people. The walks are mostly in downtown area. This year’s walk will include 4 stops for 4 eras, Bagan, Konbaung, colonial and contemporary.

Organizer, Yangon Splash Walk, Kaung Sithu said "This year will be different. There will be 4 stops – each stop will have decoration and performance concerning each era. Today, Thingyan has become a festival only the young people go out and have fun. Most of the elders stay at home. So, this year, our celebrations will attract them too."

Yangon Splash Walk is one of the Yangon’s biggest Thingyan celebrations – the 2017 Yangon Splash Walk attracted more than 10,000 participants. Yangon Splash Walk starts at 2:00 pm on the Final Day of Thingyan Water Festival.