Preparation For Election: Field Activity For Issuing NRC Cards For Eligible Voters

7 August 2020
2020-08-07 15:36

In order not to lose the opportunity to cast votes in the upcoming General Election, the Immigration and Population Offices of respective townships are conducting field activity for issuing the National Registration Card to those who have already turn 18 years old and those who have lost or damaged the National Registration Cards. Khine Thazin Thin has more.

On Friday, Kamayut Township Immigration and Population Office conducted field activity for issuing the National Registration Card at No.7 Ward. 

The Union Election Commission have publicized the first announcement for the voter lists since July 25th for the public to make addition, subtraction or correction of voter lists.

The aim of the conducting this field activity is to fill the blanks in the voter list as some of them have no National Registration Cards.

Assistant Director, Kamayut Township Office for Immigration and Population, Thet Khine said “We have started  conducting the field activity at the respective wards since 27th July for  the person who have already turned 18 years with no N.R.C card. Today we collect the lists. We will carry out the procedures as much as we can to issue NRC Card during one or two days. This process is for the person who is 18 years old with no NRC card, not to lose the opportunities to vote.”

There are 10 Wards in Kamayut Township, and about 60,000 voters are eligible to vote at 37 polling booths at the upcoming General Election.

The arrangements have been made especially for those who migrated from their natives for job seeking.

Administrator, No.7 Ward, Kamayut Township, Aye Than said “There are blanks have on the voters lists because some voters have no household list. They came to work here from other places. They also have no NRC Card. Therefore, they have to go back to their natives for applying the National Registration Card. Although we try to make a perfect one, some are still left. I am very glad for this process so that the voters can get their NRC Card easily.”

The people who apply for the National Registration Card expressed their opinion on issuing the card on field visit.

Resident, No.7 Ward, Kamayut Township, Baby said “I am very glad for this arrangement. Normally, we go to the immigration office to apply for the card. The process is very smooth by doing like this.”

Resident, No .7 Ward, Kamayut Township, Thandar Linn said “I come to apply for the  N.R.C card because I have lost mine. By doing like this, it is very comfort for us. It also reduces the expense and we don't need to wait for days. I have already known the information last four days through the Ward Administrator.”

It is learnt that the field activity for issuing the National Registration Card will be conducted for three months till September.

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