Plant Inspection: Vice President Inspects Yeywa Hydropower Plant

16 May 2019
2019-05-16 09:47

Vice President U Henry Van Thio on Wednesday inspected the Yeywa Hydropower Plant in Kyaukse District of Mandalay Region.

The Vice President heard reports on electricity generation of the Yeywa Hydropower Plant, construction of power plants in 2019 and their electricity generation capacity and also construction of hydropower plants.

The Vice President called for ways to generate electricity and maintenance of the other 2 turbines of the Yeywa Hydropower Plant as the Plant was now running with only 2 turbines.

Afterwards, the Vice President made inspection tour of the plant and presented gifts to the staff. Yeywa Hydropower Plant is of an RCC type which is 2,264 feet long with a 433 foot high embankment. It has a 448 feet wide spillway and can store up to more than 2.1 million acre-feet of water. Yeywa hydropower plant generates 3,550 million kilowatt hours annually.

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