Photos Of Japan: ‘Beauty Of World Heritage In Japan’ Photo Exhibition In Yangon

18 April 2019
2019-04-18 15:16

Beauty of World Heritage in Japan Photo Exhibition Series is underway at Japan Foundation Office in Yangon.

The Photo exhibition series is to show the works of renowned Japanese photographer Mizuno Katsuhiko. The amazing photos which reflect the Japanese architecture, nature and culture and the 22 UNESCO world heritage sites in Japan are featured as photographs at the Exhibition. This is the 1st section of the Japan Photo Exhibition series and the main focus is on the Architecture of different temples and shrines. Japan Foundation recently opened its new office and this is their first event at the new office.

Director, Japan Foundation, Koji Sato said “Since we have this wonderful space, we are planning to organize a lot of exhibitions for some other culture event. And in terms of this exhibition, we have some collection of photos panels introducing Japan’s beauty or culture, variety of all culture access. Out of them, this photo collection of Japan’s world’s heritage is the one that we would like to really much introduce to Myanmar people. So far, Japan has 22 UNESCO world heritages. Same as Myanmar, Japan has long history and throughout that long history, we have preserved very good culture in each part of Japan.”

There are about 70 photographs in the series - 20 photographs of different temples and shrines are exhibited at this 1st section of the series.

Director, Japan Foundation, Koji Sato said “Currently, we have 20 some photographs, we have almost 70 panels. So, we divided them into 4 parts. We are continuing this 1st section exhibition until the end of this month. And a bit from May, just we change it one by one”

This 1st section will continue till the end of April and the next section is set to start on the 5th of May. The Photo exhibition at the Japan Foundation Office is free admission, and any enthusiasts can visit from 9am to 5 pm except Sunday and Monday.

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