Philanthropic Donation: Chinese Embassy In Myanmar Presented Cash Donation

29 November 2018

The Embassy of The People's Republic Of China in Myanmar donated the cash donation of 105 million kyat for the Mary Chapman School for the Deaf on Thursday. The spouse of Ambassador attended the ceremony as the representative of the Chinese Embassy.

The Tripartite agreement on donation was signed between Embassy of PRC, City Mart Holding and the Mary Chapman School for the Deaf. The cash donation of the embassy was managed by City Mart holding to get the goods and foods in need.

Spouse of Ambassador, Chinese Embassy In Myanmar, Mrs.Wang Xue Hong said “I noticed this school not long after I came here. It’s quite near from our embassy. And every day I come to the embassy, I pass this school. I think they need some help. So, I tried hard to do something for them. And I’m very happy since last year we do something for the children and to the school.”

There are 418 students at the school in this 2018-2019 academic year which is the double of the last year. The school has to depend on the donation of well-wishers as the enrollment fees from the students only cover about the 50% of the costs.

Principal, Mary Chapman School for the Deaf, Nyunt Nyunt Thein said “They also donated us in last year October. Rice, oil, salt, chili, garlic, peas, dried fish for the whole year. Those were really helpful for us last year. We have very limited budget. That’s why the donation of Chinese embassy really helps us out. And for this year, when I sent a letter of thanks for how much the donation of last year help us to the ambassador of china and tell him about the increasing number of students here, I was really happy that I got the reply that they will also help for this year.”

The principal said the words of thanks and the students of the Mary Chapman School performed the entertainment to show their thanks.