"The people want to build a new Sudan", according to the protesters

10 April 2019

"The people want to build a new Sudan" were the words written on a giant banner unfurled at a large protest in Khartoum on Tuesday, as people took to the streets calling for long-time ruler President Omar al-Bashir to step down. The demonstrations have developed into the most sustained challenge to Bashir's rule since he took power three decades ago.

On Tuesday, the head of the main opposition party said around 20 people had been killed and dozens wounded in dawn attacks on a sit-in outside Sudan's defense ministry by protesters calling for Bashir to step down. Bashir has refused to step down and said his opponents need to seek power through the ballot box. Since Dec. 19, Sudan has been rocked by persistent protests sparked by the government's attempt to raise the price of bread, and by fuel and cash shortages.